Review Of Braun Series 7 799CC Wet Dry Shaver

Braun Series 7 799CC Wet Dry Eletric ShaverDo you want to capture and remove your unwanted hair? Do you need to the effective and great tool for helping your problem in removing your hair? The Braun Series 7 799cc can be the best and the perfect answer for your question. In this chance, I would like give you the Braun series 7 799CC wet dry shaver review. This electric shaver may come to be the improvement of its predecessor, (Braun 790cc) drawbacks about the bad ability to be utilized in the wet shave. For your information that the previous Braun Series 7 was one of the most praised and well-known electric shaver on the market, the 799cc comes and it has a purpose to be pretty special its successor. To know deeper information about this product let us see the review of this Braun series 799cc razor.

Overview of Features

This new Braun product of 799cc is completely based on the predecessor products, Braun 790cc. Nevertheless, the internal element of this product is almost similar to the old shaver. This product is entirely waterproof and sealed and perhaps, both of them are almost the identical product. We are going to know the almost similar parts in the further section. This electronic shaver actually is released without surprise because you are going to get the almost similar features and technologies which were used in the old product as well. Besides that, you need to remember that the old razor performance was stellar though that is not negative aspect at all. There are some features which come with this product and all of theme will be presented in the following section.

Review Of Braun Series 7 799CC Wet Dry Shaver

Pulsonic technology

This product is featured with the Pulsonic technology. This electric shaver will work by utilizing the micro-vibrations and the vibrations could occur almost 10 000 per minute (based on the Braun manufacturer research). With the micro-vibrations, this shave especially in the head is going to capture and oscillate the unwanted hair more effectively and efficiently. Along with the unique and special design of the foil, this feature make this series 7 of Braun line being the best and greatest in the business when this machine is used to catch the stray of the hairs.

ActiveLift system

Besides the Pulsonic technology, this product is also completed with the ActiveLift system. This system is featured to handle the problem area which is often appeared in the business of shaving. Hair can lead to many problems and one of the common problems which arise when you have to deal with the unwanted hairs is the parallel growth of hair. Your hair sometimes grows to the skin surface in parallel. Besides that, you hair also tend to lie in flat. This product of Germany electric shaver is equipped with the middle trimmer which is a silt of foil which is going to lift your hair, cut your hair to size, and mode sideways. The two cutters of OptiFoil then are able to intercept your hair easily and they also cut your hair close to the skin surface.


Besides equipped with the ActiveLift system, this Braun product is also featured with the OptiFoil. The Braun manufacturer usually utilizes the perforated foil for its electric shavers. This OptiFoil is featured with the hexagonal holes and from theory, it is must be superior toward one which own the round holes through minimizing the spare between the perforations. A comprised pattern of the hexagonal shapes certainly utilizes the available space.

Flexible shaving system with

This electric shaver also comes with the system which allows you to have the flexible shaving, also known with flexible shaving system. The system is also completed with the 3 individual cutting elements. Actually, the head of cutting in the series 7 comes in pretty standard if you compare to the other electric shavers which comes with 4 blade razors or more. However, this is not bad point at all because this electric shaver is able to preserve the better performance of cutting. Besides that, this machine comes with the flawless technology which allows you to have the perfect shaving.

Braun Series 7 799CC Wet Dry Shaver Review

3 Modes of personalization

This electric shaver comes with the 3 different modes which can be personalized. You are able to select among Intensive mode, Extra Sensitive mode, and Normal mode. You just need to press the two buttons which are placed on the sides of the switch of ON/OFF. There are three settings which are self-explanatory enough and can be helpful in the specific situations. Braun Series 3 340s-4 Shaver Review

Ergonomics and Build quality

Still in the Braun series 7 799CC wet dry shaver review, talking about the build quality of this electric shaver, some users are arguable. Some of them that this razor has been designed in well construction and having solid material whereas the others said that this build quality of this machine needs to be improved. This razor comes with the high expectation, in particular of the materials which are rock and solid in the construction.

Besides that, this electrical razor is expected to come with the aesthetic appearance. This shaver is designed in hefty size and it is so comfortable to handle and hold. Even though coming with the 3 cutting elements, this product is not bulky and it has the flexible maneuver. There is also a rubber which provides the comfortable grip.

The appearance of this Braun 799c electric razor is also stylish. This product is finished with the glossy sliver plastic which is chosen as the opposed to the matte which can be found in the product of Braun 790cc. overall, this electric shaver is quite impressive with the understated design and its construction. Even though the appearance is worse if compared to the electric shaver from Panasonic. On the bottom of this razor, there is a small LCD which allows you to know the battery life which is left during your shaving. There is also hygiene status.

Charging and Battery Life

To sum up Braun series 7 799CC wet dry shaver review, this electrical shaver is equipped with a Li-Ion battery which needs about one hour to have a fully charged. Besides that, the battery preserves the sufficient power to be used for 50 minutes of shaving time. You also own the choice of a quick charge, approximately 5 minutes. Charging can be conducted by positioning the electrical shaver in the dock of charging. You can also plug the cord into your electric shaver directly. It is so comfortable and convenient because you are not going to carry the charge station together with you. As mentioned in the previous section, this electric shaving is proper to be used in wet and dry shaving but you are not able to use this shaver while plugged in because of the concern of safety. Braun Series 7 790cc Shaver

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