Remington R5 Rotary Shaver Review

The Remington R5 turning shaver is an astonishing, new shaving instrument which is uniquely worked to give any man additional speed, exactness and comfort while shaving. This electric shaver utilizes a PowerFlex 360 degree innovation that permits the whole shaving head to change in accordance with all contours on your face for a spotless and agreeable shave. The shaver even comes with an exactness trimming heads which have twin-track sharp edges that are prepared to do easily trimming through either longer hair or short stubble in one shaves. It likewise contains a pop-up point of interest trimmer which shaves those difficult to achieve areas and even assist you to groom your facial hair and mustache.

In contrast, when you are finished with shaving, you basically need to wash this shaver under the spigot so as to set it up for next use and it is conceivable as this electric shaver is waterproof. All things considered, this electric-shaver is going to get you an ultra-close and agreeable shave and it really makes a brilliant present for your male companion or spouse since it is outfitted with quality components and it was intended for dependable performance.


Remington R5 Rotary Shaver ReviewThis electric razor is also equipped with the TwinTrack Blades. This machine is powered by the double tracks of blades which are coated by titanium. The tracks facilitate for both optimum skin contact and longevity. Besides that, the TwinTrack blades are also going to trim both stubble and long hair smoothly for a comfortable an ultra-close shave anywhere and anytime. Besides that, this electric razor is also equipped with the technology of PowerFlex 360 degree. This technology allows the whole shaving heads to set to each angle in your face for smooth and clean shaving. Additionally, you will feel no irritation when shaving your hair or facial hairs by using this technology.

In addition, this electric razor is also equipped with the technology of ActiveContour. With this innovation, the electric shaver is fit for giving up to 50-percent all the more molding over the facial contour and it even keeps the shaving-heads in close with the skin when you are shaving particularly along difficult to achieve contours on the on your neck and jaw.

It is also equipped with a washable-design: this Remington shaver highlights a completely fixed body which is additionally waterproof thus this suggests it can without much of a stretch be washed and flushed under the lavatory spigot that is loaded with clean water. This launderable design will significantly keep the trimmer looking new and fresh when you utilize it again to shave. In addition, this machine is also equipped with the powerful battery that is able to offer up to 60 minutes of runtime in cordless mode but you need to charge about 90 minutes.


Remington R5 Rotary Shaver SpecsThis type of electric shaver is lightweight and compact thus this makes this electric shaver ideal for go since you are basically able to put it into you voyaging pack and you great to go. The sleek and compact design likewise makes it extremely agreeable in your hands and this assumes a major part in accomplishing comfortable and close shave. Besides that, the Remington R5 has an extraordinary pop-up, point of interest trimmer that precisely and definitely trims your whiskers furthermore trims any hairs in difficult areas to achieve such as: under your nose and jaw with only a couple strokes with less or no skin-disturbances.


The product of Remington R5 shaver is particularly intended to take a shot at facial hair and ought not to be utilized to shave the head or whatever other part of the body which is a major downside. This implies you ought to purchase another shaver on the off chance that you need to trim different parts of the body which is costly. Besides that, this shaver is bad as far as manufacture quality since it’s made of plastic which makes it look and feel shoddy. This implies this electric-shaver won’t have the capacity to keep going a drawn out stretch of time in the event that you don’t handle it with consideration. Additionally, it feels somewhat dangerous when held in the hands since it includes little non-slip, grasp focuses and this implies it might irritate you when you are shaving in wet-conditions.

Product Quality

Remington R5 Rotary ShaverAs far as quality, this rotational shaver owns all features which are required to accomplish a speedy, agreeable and exact shave. This is an elite electric-shaver which is furnished with the technology of PowerFlex 360-degree that empowers the entire shaving-head to change in accordance with any edge when you shave your face for an irritation-free shave and smooth shave. Its system of PrecisionCut shaving-head also cooperates with the titanium-covered TwinTrack edges to easily trim or cut long-hair and stubble maximum precision and solace at whatever point you shave.

On top of this, this rotary electric shaver has a lithium fueled battery which delivers a great deal of energy and empowers the shaver to work for an hour in a cordless mode after you did an hour and a half charge. It even backings the fast charge capacity whereby an advantageous 5-minute charge is able to offer you enough energy to accomplish the shave. Nevertheless, this trimmer can even now be utilized while charging as a part of a corded mode for additional comfort. It even comes with a pop-up trimmer that is skin agreeable and helps in the itemizing and preparing of sideburns and the other facial hairs.

The last is when one is finished with shaving, you can just wash this electric rotary shaver directly under running water or washroom spigot and this makes it simple to clean and keep up. All things considered, the R5 electric shaver is truly an extraordinary electric-shaver which is made with quality elements that offer dependable execution.

What Else Do You Need?

When you buy this electric razor, you still need to buy some accessories to complete performance of the razor. The first is you need to buy quality pre-shave oil. Since it enormously helps in encouraging for an easy, clean, and smooth shave that is without irritation. In contrast, on the off chance that you are hypersensitive to specific aromas, then you ought to purchase pre-shave oil which is unscented for best performance and results. Besides that, you also can buy a replacement of rotary head.

The rotary shaving head on the Remington R5 ought to be supplanted after one year usage so as to keep up the performance of shaving. Nevertheless, it likewise prescribed to the cutters completely for at any rate once a week, furthermore grease up the trimming teeth at regular intervals to keep up the shaving execution.

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