Panasonic ES-LV61-A ARC5 Electric Razor

Clients truly acknowledge how flexibility the Panasonic ES-LV61-A is while trimming and shaving around precarious ranges, such as the chin, upper lip, and jaw line. The flexible head and multi-arc foils keep up close contact all through the shave without needing the utilization of pressure. The cutting edges, or blades, appear to coast simply over the skin while the motor which is vibrating permit them to cut through the hairs as near the base as could be allowed. Thus, it takes a couple of hours or even days longer for the hairs for growing back to a noticeable length.

If you usually shave a twice every day, you may see you just need to get your razor once per day subsequent to changing to this model of Panasonic. The users are reliably impressed with the negligible amount of time it takes to shave off whole whiskers and trim the details up. The shave of 45 minutes remittance gave by every full charge appears to last almost two weeks when you are shaving once every day.

When you begin relying on the display of blue crystal, you will think about how you have ever gotten along without the display. The display tells you when the battery begins to run low, so you are able to energize it to keep away from intrusions in your routine of shave. At the full charge, the shaver battery ought to give 45 minutes of time shaving, or 15 shavings at three minutes each. The pointer on the body additionally conveys the alert when the time has come to clean the sharp edges. By keeping up the cutting edges and foils with consistent cleanings, you are able to keep them sharp all through their normal two-year lifespan. Notwithstanding being unimaginably useful, the display, LED is very appealing to take a gander at too. The light of blue display flawlessly supplements the base shading to make a design which looks incredible laying on the counter space.


Panasonic ES-LV61-A ARC5 Electric RazorPanasonic ES-LV61-A Electric Shaver owns a mutli-flex turning head that gives you the chance for shaving from any edge of your option. You will likewise be in the position to achieve the hazardous ranges such as the neck and jaw line and it will shave them intently. ES-LV61-A Electric Shaver offers the same body and appearance like Panasonic ES-LV81-K model and these two rivals each other viably. As I would like to think, if you purchase Panasonic ES-LV81-K electric shaver, you are going to pay for a cleaning station, generally these two models resemble the other alike and they do likewise work. This Panasonic electric shaver also will be a quick shaver; its speed of motor is 14,000 RPM that is a standard speed of drive motor for all premium shavers from Panasonic. It additionally has sharp cutting edges and an ultra-slim foil that empowers the shaver to move through thick whiskers effortlessly. In light of its features and what the other individuals say in regards to this model, it gets a 4.5 from 5 rating


The shaver which owns 5 bladed has a pleasant configuration, it was done in a color of dark blue that is my most loved color scheme and the shaver handle is surprising and very much studded with the rubber placed on the sides. The rubber furnishes the razor with a solid grasp, so you are able to utilize it while in the shower; this studded rubber is going to keep it from slipping your hands off. There is also 10-LCD display of stage which will indicate you the shaver status and battery subsequently help you to know when charging and when replacing the parts. This display stage can be found in the front of this electric razor beneath the travel lock. The primary goal of the travel lock is to keep the shaver from turning on by its self while you are in movement


Panasonic ES-LV61-A ARC5 Electric Razor ReviewThis ES-LV61-A electric razor owns a stunning looking, smooth design with its particularly huge shaver head and thin dark blue appearance. Ergonomically, this electric shaver is well on tune with its shaped rubber handle that gives most extreme solace to the present day man. The electric shaver could be either utilized wet for an invigorating wet shaving in the shower or be utilized in dry shave.

Driving the shaver is a quick direct motor which works at 14,000 RPM to convey the rapid speed shaving without the chafing pulling of the bristles common with the slower foil shavers. The customizable pivoting head can flexes forward and backward at up to 25 degrees when you shave for the superior adaptability and steady skin contact.

The propelled coasting cutting edge systems uses 5 multi-fit arc sharp edges to give a substantial scope range then, minimizing the time that you spend for shaving. The cutting edges drift freely to acclimate to the special shapes at your face for an uncommonly smooth shave. The nanotech cutting edges are placed at an inward point of 30 degrees that make sure that your hairs get trim underneath skin level for ideal results. Both the sharp edge and foils are hypoallergenic that implies they are suited for individuals with the delicate skin.

Numerous sorts of foils are integrated that represent considerable authority in taking care of various sorts of the facial hair. The Lift-Tech foil owns the reverse tapered edges that dispose of unbalanced flat of lying hairs. The Slit Foil also gets long hair that is extremely helpful in the event that you do not shave every day. The Finishing Foil is also intended to get the stubborn hair from overwhelming whiskers.

The individuals who are much of the time on the go are going to be satisfied to know this electric shaver. It accompanies with the zippered travel case and the feature of auto universal double voltage transformation so that this electric shaver can be utilized as a part of nations with either 100 voltage or 240 voltage electrical plugs. Moreover, there is also a travel lock completed on the shaver that stays away from the likelihood of the shaver turning on unintentionally whilst in your sack.


Panasonic ES-LV61-A ARC5 Electric Razor SpecsOne downside is that Panasonic ES-LV61-A can’t be utilized when connected to an outlet. In any case, there is a 5 minute speedy charge feature that gives you sufficient power for one shave when you are in a rush. The clients find that the huge shaving head takes some an opportunity to get used to particularly if you are changing from another model foil shaver, for example, Braun. The included travel pocket is of rather low quality made with modest vinyl material. You would expect a more extravagance pocket for the shaver at this end of this market. It also does not accompany with a charging stand for mounting the shaver whilst charging.

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