Braun Silk Epil 7 Wet & Dry Epilator

Braun Silk Epil 7 SkinSpa Beauty Edition evacuates most short hair and obviously refines skin. Besides that it also cleanses face up to 6 x superior to anything manual treatment. The most proficient Wet and Dry epilator now accompanies with an inventive sonic shedding brush for your body. What’s more, this Beauty Edition includes a purifying brush for your face for getting smooth and clean skin from your head up to your toe. The epilator evacuates the most brief, greatest hairs, as short as measuring 0.5 mm for about four weeks of keeping your smooth skin. That is the long-lastingness shaving which cannot match.

The shedding brush which is used for the body to evacuate the dead skin cells by kneading the micro vibrations to draw out an actually enhanced skin appearance for results equivalent to proficient peeling. The purifying brush for the face evacuates make-up and pollutions up to 6 x superior to anything manual cleansing, making your skin smoother and revived.


Braun Silk Epil 7 Wet & Dry EpilatorAfter opening my container and concentrate every one of the treats, the Braun items, including Braun Silk Epil 7, feel and look like quality, the only one what I am going to anticipate from the brand of Braun. After reading and comprehending all of the bearings and tips and looking at the things capacities (it owns a low and high setting, or as the flyer says “gentle or efficient speed “).

Besides that, I tried to charge this epilator and try it attempt. From the boxed bearings and surveys that I read on the web, I realize that you are able to utilize the unit wet either the shower or dry. Hence, I chose to run in dry mode. I utilized it first on my legs and yes… the epilator unquestionably hurt (like stung). The torment improves as you get accustomed to it, and now feeling a little uneasiness tells me that it is working!

This type owns a light to recognize the hair when you go, that I discovered so helpful. I unquestionably would not have the capacity to see the hairs in which I had missed without the light. I utilized it for 60 minutes before the run after began slowing down, which appeared to pull the greater part of my hair. I energized it back, that just took around 60 minutes, and completed the area that I missed the first run through. I likewise attempted the epilator in the face, as I own hair on my chin and lip than I’m OK with, because of prescriptions I need to take. I likewise utilized the epilator on my underarms. The severe while utilizing it in my underarms and my face was a more painful than my legs that I expected it from the comments that I had ever read.

A few customers’ review recommended utilizing this type of epilator as a part of the shower or on the low adjustment to diminish the pain; however I just ran with this epilator on high setting. At this bottom line, that was two days utilizing the epilator, I was totally satisfied. My legs were free of hair, smooth, and I was so energized at the possibility that I would not need to shave again for two or three weeks.

Another thing on my great feature is the Facial cleansing brush. It is a device which is sold separately and it works on two AA batteries, is water-safe and can be utilized as a part of the shower. It also owns a delicate, pivoting brush for the face. Besides that, it also has a low and high setting. The regimen of face had continually utilizing a washcloth with saturating cleanser, that appeared to cleanse my face well (I generally get compliments on how youthful I look). My feeling has changed, and I’m presently sold on the brush. I think that it will cleanse my face better and the skin appears to be brighter.


Braun Silk Epil 7 Wet & Dry Epilator ReviewGracious, let’s continue talking about the cons of this epilator. Much to my failure and consternation, a couple days in the wake of epilating my legs and face, I broke out with red bumps in which some of the hair has been hauled out of the follicle. In the face, it resembled a breakout of pimples would. On the legs, it resembled a tainted hair with a pustule, yet on a much greater scale (substantially more spot).

I did a reversal to the Braun flyer of headings and tips to see what I wronged. This is a portion from the Braun data that I discovered supportive the manufacturer said that all strategies for hair expulsion at the root can prompt in-developing hair and bothering (e.g. tingling, uneasiness and blushing of the skin) contingent upon the state of the skin and hair. This is a typical response and ought to rapidly vanish, yet might be more grounded when you are expelling hair at the root for the initial few times or on the off chance that you have touchy skin.

If following 36 hours, if the skin still shows aggravation, we suggest you to contact your doctor. When all is said in done, the skin response and the vibe of pain have a tendency to reduce significantly with the rehashed utilization of this type of epilator. At times, the irritation of the skin could happen when microscopic organisms enter the skin (e.g. while you were sliding the epilator over your skin). Careful cleaning of the epilation head before using will minimize the danger of disease.” Alright, so I required more data to make sense of how to push ahead with this issue. I sought on the web, lastly discovered somebody who had a comparative response.

Customers’ Review

Braun Silk Epil 7 Wet & Dry Epilator SpecsThe first customer said that he did not need to use razor anymore and here is the review. “I have been interested about the utilization of an epilator for a long time however I figure shied away out of trepidation of the severe. I got this thing for survey and wow am I so cheerful I do not think that I would have ever acquired one out of the trepidation of the torment yet with it given to me I needed to attempt it. When I get the bundle, I attacked it. It accompanies with great bearings and some awesome tips to facilitate the torment of expulsion. The attachment of body brush and the face exfoliator are fundamental for ideal results.” To sum up, the Braun Silk Epil 7 can be categorized as one of the best epilator which can perform both shaving and trimming on your body.

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