Philips Norelco 6945xl Electric Razor

Philips Norelco 6945XL electric trimmer furnishes you with the closeness, great quality, and exemplary convenience of electric shaver that you have generally expected from this Philips Norelco trimer. The close system of cut shaving gives a close and effective shaving while the flexing head naturally acclimates to each shape of your face to deliver a smoother shaving without getting irritation. With the capacity to be utilized either with a cord or cordless and a voltage which naturally alters from 100 volts up to 240 volts AC, this electric trimmer can be utilized in anyplace. A 8-hour full energize will keep going for to 10 days of shaving without cord and its system of speedy charge can control the razor for shaving after just 3 minutes of time charging.

The new Norelco 6945XL electric cordless shaver conveys a proficient and agreeable shave, furnished with the system of CloseCut shaving and flexing heads that change in accordance with each contour of your face. Equipped by a lithium ion battery for compact operation, this Cordless Shaver also offers the comfort of corded and cordless operation. This razor accompanies with a, power cord, a protective cap and cleaning brush for simple consideration and support.

This electric shaver belongs to the shavers which are rated in high score by the users. Of course, this machine delivers the great performance and the high quality. To know about the detail information of this machine, it is better to deliver the specs and features of this electric shaver below. Besides that, there are also pros and the customers’ review about this electric cordless.

Specs and features at a Glance

Philips Norelco 6945xl Electric RazorThis cordless shaver is comes with the system of close-cut shaving for ensuring the close and smooth save. Besides that, this electric cordless shaver also comes with the flexing heads which can automatically adjust to the face curves so that you will not getting more irritation when shaving in every contours of your face. Talking about the electricity, this shave also comes with the two options. You can use this machine with cord or you can also uses this machine cordless. Of course, this machine can be recharged. For easing you to monitoring the flow of electricity, this electric shaver is also equipped with the charging indicator and the battery light.

This machine also comes with the long-last battery usage. You just need to have a full-charge this machine for about 8 hours and you can use this electric shaver up to 10 days, or 30 minutes of time shaving. This electric shaver is also powered with the worldwide adjustment of voltage from 100 volts up to 20 volts so that you can use this electric shaver around the world. The special thing that you can get from this product is you can get the money-back for 45 days and this also comes with the full 2 years warranty.

Pros and Cons

This electric machine comes with the several pros and a few cons and both of them will be presented in the following section. This machine is equipped with 3 flexing saving heads and this feature allows the users not to irritate the shaver when you are shaving. Besides that, this electric shaver also comes with the cap which can be used to protect the head of the razors. This machine is also powered with the hair brush which can be used for cleaning the innards. A charger is also packed in the purchase and it can be used to recharge the electricity when you were going to shave in cordless.

Besides that, this cordless electrical shaver is also equipped with the head which can be detached in which there is the reservoir which can be used for the shaved hair. The hair is collected and it then refused. Additionally, this machine also comes with the ergonomic body and sturdy materials hence the weight of this electrical machine is not too weight so that it will be very nice while hold by the users. In addition, this machine also last for longer period, about 30 minutes when you are going to shave in cordless. On the other hand, this machine also have a drawback and one of the main drawback is you need about 8 hours for full-charge.

Customers’ Review

The first customer said that this electric shaver is simple quality and here is the review. The shaver is a simple electric shaver. Try not to expect a trimming connection or having the capacity to run the razor without a charge and simply utilize the cord – this razor need to be charged. Its cut is really close and extraordinary.

If you’re searching for a trimming machine, I would propose you simply get a full preparing unit as that works much superior to the attachment of shaving at any rate. If you are searching for an electric shaver to give you a nearby shave that will not shred your face all the while, then this electrical shaver is great. I think that brand of Norelco has dependably created quality items and this razor demonstrates the legacy of value proceeds inside the manufacturer.

The second customer said about this electric shaver as follows. I purchased this shaver as extra to have convenient in the event that my “regular” isn’t completely charged, and I am in a frantic surge out the door. Anyway, it proved to be useful! What’s more, kid was I astounded! I was somewhat worried since it was a “minimization” from the normal Norelco lift and the system of cut shaving (this razor has no lift and cut. However, it delivers an extraordinary shave!! I now propose to every one of my pals to dependably have an extra shaver, and at this costly, it is not so much that huge of investment to be erring on the side of caution. Cost is correct, and shave is close. In conclusion, a cheap shaver that gives a decent shave, without the shrieks and ringers!!


With everything taken into account, The Philips Norelco 6945XL shaver is a straightforward shaver. If you are going to search a machine for a trimming attachment, I would recommend you simply get a full preparing pack as that works much superior to a shaver attachment at any rate. If you are going to look for a razor to give you a nearby shave that will not irritate your face all the while, then this Philips Norelco 6945XL electronic shaver is great. You just need to go to the market and you can buy this cordless electric shaver which comes with the great performance and the best quality of materials.

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