Philips Norelco 7300 Shaver for Sensitive Skin

Shaving is very important for men to keep them look handsome. However, shaving should be done carefully because it can damage your skin. It does not only relate to how you shave but also the shaver you use. In fact, the most common problem of shaving is irritation. Commonly, irritation after shaving happens to those who have a sensitive skin. So, you have to make sure that the electric shaver is safe to use. One of the best ideas appropriate for men with sensitive skin is Norelco 7300. If you are interested in this product, you have to know its review first. The review can be seen below.

Anti-Friction Microbead Coating

Philips Norelco 7300 Shaver for Sensitive SkinThis electric shaver is considered as the first and best product of electric shaver for sensitive skin from Philips Norelco. It is because this shaver applies anti-frictionMicrobead coating. This coating provides a smooth glide on your facial skin when shaving. So, you will feel very comfortable during your shave. The coating also makes it safe for your sensitive skin so that it minimizes the risk of irritation. That is why if you have a sensitive skin, you should prioritize this razor for shaving.

Gentle Precision Blade System

To protect your sensitive facial skin, gentle precision blade system is applied on this electric shaver. This technology functions to protect your skin when shaving because it can cut your facial hair very close below your skin. Short, long, & flat lying hairs can be cut well and effectively. With very close shave, it optimizes the result. So, you should shave your facial hair regularly.

DynamicFlex Heads

You should also thank to its heads that come with DynamicFlex. This feature will be helpful to move in five directions effortlessly and comfortably. The heads can follow and adjust the curve of your neck and face so that it provides very comfortable and exciting shave. It minimizes the pressure so that it will not damage your sensitive skin. Therefore, it is really safe for men who have a sensitive skin for shaving.

Aquatec Technology

Irritation when shaving is usually caused if you shave the facial hair in dry condition. It adds the pressure and makes the skin coarser. So, you cannot shave your facial hair in a dry condition. Fortunately, this electric shaver is featured with Aquatec tech. This is a sophisticated tech that allows you to shave your facial skin using gel or foam. It keeps your skin cooler so that the shave will be much more comfortable. Of course, it is very useful for you who have a sensitive skin.

SmartClick Precision

Philips Norelco 7300 Shaver for Sensitive Skin ReviewThen, this electric shaver also comes with SmartClick precision. This feature is useful to shave your mustache, beards, and sideburns perfectly. With close and even shave, it shows that Norelco 7300does not only protect sensitive skin but also provides the best shave for men.

SmartClean System

There is also an interesting feature named SmartClean system. This feature is very useful because it allows this electric razor to clean, lubricate, and charge itself. So, it eases you to maintain this shaver. Besides that, it also keeps the quality of the blades to provide the perfect cut. Then, you can also recharge the battery easily when it is low and needed to recharge so that you can use this shaver cordlessly.

LED Display

This electric shaver comes with an LED display. This LED display is very useful because it becomes good indicators. It can show the battery level so that you know when the battery is low and needed to charge. Besides that, it also shows the indicator when you need to replace the shaving head with the new one. Then, the LED display also updates when the travel lock of this shaver is on. You have to know that travel lock functions to prevent the shaver turning on unexpectedly or by accident.

Comfort Rings

In relation to the shaving process, this shaver prioritizes the comfort and effectiveness. Because it is targeted to those who have sensitive skin, it applies comfort rings. The comfort rings come with Microbead coating that is very effective to reduce friction. So, it provides a really smooth shave and minimizes the risk of irritation or other skin problems that often happen to sensitive skin.

Deluxe Case

Philips Norelco 7300 Shaver for Sensitive Skin SpecsThis electric razor also comes with a deluxe case. This is a premium case of electric shaver that is designed in a very sleek shape. It eases you to store and bring it in your bag safely. This deluxe case also comes with built in ventilation chamber for air flow to keep the shaver dry so that it will be ready to use anytime and anywhere.

Package Details

When you buy this electric shaver, you will get a box that contains a package. The package does not only include Philips Norelco shaver itself. However, you will also find a SmartClean system. It functions to keep your razor like new. This also comes with alcohol free so that it is very safe for your sensitive skin. Lastly, the package also includes a case that eases you to store this electric shaver. So, it becomes more portable so that you can use it for travelling.

Price Information

For the price, it belongs to expensive electric shaver. You need to pay more than $ 250 to buy this shaver. However, considering the features, techs, and other things it offers, the price seems reasonable. Anyway, you will not be disappointed spending much money for this shaver.

That is all the review of Norelco 7300 that you need to know. To get the best result and keep the quality of shaving, you should replace the heads every year or when it is needed. Hopefully this will be a good reference for men who want to look for an electric shaver safe for sensitive skin.

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