Braun 3 Series 350cc-4 Razor

Braun is one of the most popular brands of electric shaver. It is well known with its quality and performance. So, if you are looking for a new electric razor, I suggest you to consider the product from Braun. There are many electric shavers from Braun. One of the most recommended ideas is Braun 3 Series 350cc-4 Razor. It is an electric razor for men that functions to cut your facial hair. There are many men who are interested in it. Therefore, it will be better for you to pay attention to its review below.

Triple Action FreeFloat System

Braun 3 Series 350cc-4 Razor ReviewAt a glance, you can see that this electric razor looks small. It makes this razor easy to bring. You will also feel comfortable to hold and use it for shaving. Braun 350cc comes with Triple Action FreeFloat system. It helps this shaver to improve the performance of shaving. With this system, it offers 3-day beards so that you should use it for shaving regularly to get the best result.

SensoFoil Tech

Besides that, this electric razor is also featured with SensoFoil technology. This optimized foil will be very helpful to cut more hair effective and efficiently. It also eases the razor to shave your facial hair. This feature affects the performance and result. With the optimum performance, you will get the best result of shaving. So, you will be satisfied.

Precision Long Hair Trimmer

Then, you should also thank to its feature named Precision Long Hair Trimmer. This electric shaver is designed to cut your hair but only facial hair. So, you cannot use it for other kinds of hair. Facial hair that you can cut using this electric razor includes three kinds of hair. The first is mustache. Besides, you can also shave your beards using this shaver. It is also good to shave your sideburns using Braun 350cc. I hope you can use it rightly so that you get the best result.

Triple Action Cutting System

An electric razor usually applies 3 blades for the cutting system. Braun 350cc-4 also applies blades with triple action. So, it optimizes the result of shaving your facial hair. With this system, you can use it for shaving even whether your mustache, beards, and sideburns are long or short. Both long and short hair can be cut well using this electric shaver for men.

Waterproof Design

Braun 3 Series 350cc-4 Razor SpecsBased on the design, it does not only look ideal but it is also fully waterproof. Because it is waterproof, this electric shaver is washable. So, you can rinse it under the running water easily. It will not damage this electric shaver and the blades will stay sharp. The waterproof design also allows you to shave your hair for wet or dry use. If you want the simple use, you can consider dry use by directly using it for shaving. However, to get the better result and more comfortable shaving, it will be better for you to apply shaving gel or foam. Then, you can rinse this Braun 3 Series 350cc razor after shaving.

There is also an interesting feature that functions as indicators named 3-stage display. The display comes with LED so that it improves the quality. Functions as indicators, the LED display updates the battery status. So, you know whether the battery is still full or low. Besides, it also shows the charging status. Therefore, you will know when the battery is fully charged. Lastly, it also functions to update hygiene status. Overall, it is very useful so that you should thank to this feature.

Battery Details

This electric shaver comes with Ni-MH battery. So, you can decide whether you operate it for corded use or cordless use depending on your desire. If you use it when travelling, you have to make sure that the battery is fully charged. If the indicator shows that the battery is low, you can recharge it because the battery is rechargeable. It also has high quality so that even though you have charged it many times, the battery stays powerful and durable.

Clean & Renew System

Braun 3 Series 350cc-4 RazorYou should also know that this electric razor comes with Clean & Renew system. It is a high technology applied on this shaver and offers many benefits. The first is that it can clean up by itself automatically. Besides that, it is also useful for charging. Then, this system is also useful to lubricate itself to keep it ready to use. After washing, it can also automatically fry it up by just touching the button of Clean & Renew system.

The cartridge will slide into the Clean & Renew system base. After that, it cleans the blades after you use it for shaving. It does not only keep the blades clean but this system also improves the quality of sharpness. In addition, it also adds the comfort when you shave your mustache, beards, and sideburns using this electric razor.

The Features of Clean & Renew System

There are many benefits of Clean & Renew system that you will get. The first is that it has a lemon scent. It makes Braun 250cc-4 always smells fresh so that you feel excited when shaving. Besides that, it also offers automatic lubrications that functions to optimize cut so that you can shave hair effective and efficiently. Then, it also offers automatic charging.

Still related to the Clean & Renew system applied on this electric shaver, it also offers unique cleaning solution that comes with alcohol base. It is very safe and effective to eliminate all germs. The effectiveness can be up to 99.999 percent. So,Braun 3 Series 350cc-4 Razor is safe for you even though you have a sensitive skin. That is all the review of this shaver. Hopefully this will be a useful reference for men.

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