Braun Series 3 390cc Electric Razor for Men

Electric shaver is now increasingly more popular. For men, electric shaver is much more comfortable than manual shaver. It also provides the better performance and result. Even though the price is higher, it is reasonable considering what it offers. Today, there are many electric shavers available in the market today. One of the most recommended products is Braun Series 3 390cc. There are many men who have bought this shaver and they are satisfied with it. For more detail, you need to pay attention to the review below.

The Design

Braun Series 3 390cc Electric Razor for Men ReviewThe performance of electric shaver does not only depend on the techs and features applied. However, it only depends on the design it comes. This electric shaver comes with a flexible design. It means the head of this shaver can adjust the contour of your face. It does not only make you feel comfortable when shaving but also improve the better result. In addition, it also makes you easier to use it. So, you should thank to its contour following design.

High Technologies of Braun Series Shaver

Why does this electric shaver provide good performance? It relates to the high techs applied on this shaver. There are some techs that come in this shaver. One of them is SensoFoil tech. It is one of the most common techs of electric shaver. It functions to make you easy to operate this shaver. With this technology, Braun 390cc can optimize the shaving result. It can cut your hair of mustache, beards, and sideburns effective and efficiently.

Besides that, this electric razor also comes with Triple Action FreeFloat system. This is also related to the performance of shaving. With this technology, this electric shaver will be good for 3-day beards. It means you are recommended to cut your mustache, beards, and sideburns regularly every 3 day and you for the best result.

The next sophisticated technology found in this shaver is Triple Action Cutting system. It means this electric razor comes with 3 blades for special cutting elements. It optimizes the shaving performance. With this cutting system, you can use it to shave your mustache, beards, and sideburns effectively even though your hair is longer. Even more, it is also good if your hair is still short. It will provide the very close shaving so that the result is very satisfying.

Interesting Features of Braun Shaver

Braun Series 3 390cc Electric Razor for Men SpecsBesides the technologies above, there are also some interesting features that are applied. The first is Clean & Renew system. It is very rare that an electric shaver applies this feature. It is very interesting because with this feature, Braun 3 390cc has a button that can be used to clean it up automatically. Besides that, it also functions to charge and lubricate itself automatically to keep it clean and like new again every day. Therefore, it can keep its performance even though you use it every day. Anyway, it belongs to one of the most interesting features of Braun Series 3 390cc.

The next feature is precision Long Hair Trimmer. It means that this electric shaver is designed specially to cut your beards, mustache, and sideburns. It still provides the best result even though you have long hair. So, you have to thank to this feature.

Then, Braun 3 390cc is also featured with LED display. The LED display comes with 4-stage display. This LED display does not only upgrade the look but it is also very useful. The first function is that it updates the level of the battery whether it is still full or low. Besides that, it also shows the charging status when you recharge the battery using the charger included in the box when you buy it. In addition, it also updates the hygiene status. So, you should thank to this interesting feature.

This electric shaver is also very good with its rechargeable battery. It is powered by Ni-MH battery. The battery is very powerful that keeps its great performance. You should not worry about the battery quality because it will stay durable even though you have recharged it many times. This rechargeable battery also allows you to operate this electric razor for corded use or cordless use depending on your desire.

The Advantages of Braun Shaver

Not all electric shavers are good for all kinds of skin especially sensitive skin. The most common problem when shaving is irritation. Fortunately, this electric shaver is very safe even though you use it for a sensitive skin. It offers up to 30 percent of less skin irritation compared to shavers with rotary system because it applies built in skin conditions. So, you do not need to worry to use it because it will not cause problems for your skin.

It is also a common problem that a shaver quality will be reduced when it is washed especially under the water. Fortunately, this shaver is washable so that you can wash it under the running water safely. In fact, it comes with 100 percent of waterproof body. Washing it under the running water will not reduce the sharpness of the blades used. Even more, it can also clean itself up automatically so that it can keep itself clean every day.

This electric shaver also comes with alcohol based cleaning solution. It is not only unique but it is also very useful to eliminate all germs effectively. That is why it has the lower risk of irritation when you use it for shaving. In addition, it also comes with a lemon scent that makes it always smell fresh. So, you will feel excited to shave using this men’s shaver.

What Is in the Box?

Braun Series 3 390cc Electric RazorWhen you buy this shaver, you will get a box where it includes some contents. Besides Braun Series 3 390ccitself, the box also includes travel pouch to store it when you want to bring it for travelling. It also includes clean & renew cartridge. Then, SmartPlug is also included in the box. Other contents are cleaning brush and clean & renew system.

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