Braun Cruzer 6 Beard & Head Trimmer Review

The Braun Cruzer 6 beard & head trimmer that is thought to be the most intense of the Braun trimmers which are intended for trimming both your facial hair as well as hair on top of your head comes with a variety of elements and an ergonomic body. Nevertheless, all through my exploration I ran over a few things about this electrical trimmer that I am not very glad about which we are going to examine all of them in point by point. I am going to give all of you the realities prompting a conclusion with reference to why this trimmer may not be appropriate for specific individuals.

Hair Length Settings & Combs

Braun Cruzer 6 Beard & Head Trimmer ReviewRather than giving buyers an entire pocket brimming with brushes to match up with different hair lengths, the Braun Cruzer 6 beard & head trimmer just offers two combs; one is used for trimming the facial hair, beard in particular and another is used for trimming the hair. In any case, each of the combs has 6 customizable settings that lock set up, so you are able to pick the accurate length that you require. This is going to give you the results as follows.

Adjustments of Electrical Trimmer

Presently if you were me, you should do a fast math’s that how 6 adjustments can be 1-11 mm and that is the main drawback. It is not such a major issue but rather for some exceptionally exact facial hair trimming, it can get one. The settings bounce 1-3-5 and so on. If you are fastidious like me, you would wish for those missing numbers, 2-4-6. Lamentably, there is no answer for that if you choose this trimmer however recall that we are just discussing 1 mm contrast.

There is obviously some other setting and that is to utilize the trimmer with no comb. This is going to cut really close however it will not be the same as shaving. I regularly utilize my trimmer with no guard for my own body hair and it makes a truly decent performance. The other tip that I use to get a nearby shave is to utilize it with no comb, extend the skin a little and shave against the hair growth direction. The second comb is helpful when you are into doing your own particular hair style. Yet, when your hair is extremely thick and wavy, you may have issue in light of the fact that the engine of this electric trimmer is a little underpowered. We will speak more about that in the Battery and Power section.

Amid my little research I experienced huge amounts of customer review throughout the web; I found that most of the people did not have any issues trimming their head hair. Still, there are several detached occurrences where the customers have reported that the teeth of the comb broken. Obviously, is a couple prongs break, it is going to make it hard to trim your hair and it turns out to be more genuine finding that the Braun ensure does not cover the combs, which implies you will need to purchase one.

I think it is difficult to make a general appraisal of the issue in light of only a modest bunch of clients rather than many others which did not have any such issue. In any case, my employment would not be finished unless I conveyed this to your notification before you achieve a purchasing choice. The main comment that I would make is that a widely acclaimed organization like Braun would not release it even when they catch wind of a few complaints and would have tended to the issue not long after it was accounted for. Therefore, when you do choose to purchase, my recommendation would be to keep the electric trimmer in a protected place and do not apply the pressure while you are trimming.

Cutting edges, Cleaning and Maintenance

Braun Cruzer 6 Beard & Head TrimmerThe Cruzer 6 is also equipped with an ultra-sharp trimming component from stainless steel for more characterized facial hair style and it is completely wasable for a simple trimmer cleanup. As this electrical trimmer is totally fixed, you can essentially flush it off under the tap after utilization and get out every one of the hairs from the chamber. For a decent upkeep, it accompanies typical machine oil and it is prudent to put a couple drops of oil on the edges which would keep them fit as a fiddle for quite a while.

Battery, Power & Cord

Braun Cruzer 6 Beard & Head Trimmer SpecsThe Cruzer 6 utilizes a double NiMH battery for included runtime and force. It can run for around 40 minutes on an hours charge. While this device is a cordless trimmer, you are able to utilize it with the charging string for those brisk trim ups while this electrical trimmer is charging. This trimmer device is set up in handling either 120 or 240 volts while charging and is completely waterproof with the goal that it can be utilized either in or out of the shower. It additionally owns a low charge marker that tells you the amount of charge is left on the trimmer.

As I had said over, a few customers felt that this device is underpowered. There were several blended reviews about the device, with some specifying that not just did this trimmer experience issues trimming through coarse, wiry, thicker hair or facial hair however that they likewise felt it took a few goes to get all the hair trimmed and make them look very much prepped. This is a thing which can’t be neglected, so if you expect utilizing it to have a hair style and your hair is thick and wavy, this is most likely not the fitting trimmer for you. You will be greatly improved off going for a much higher controlled hair scissors

Nevertheless, the remarks about taking a few goes to trim were not so disturbing for the users. As we know, our hair grows in various directions and any trimmer is best when it gets the hair against the heading of hair development. Therefore, passing it in various headings will guarantee it gets all the hair. It is verging on difficult to pass the trimmer once and expect that you have completed your trimming work. There are several videos of trimming facial hair and you will never see somebody simply passing it once and ending there. It generally takes few goes to have an even trim, so I truly wouldn’t stress over it. Finally, the Braun Cruzer 6 beard & head trimmer can be considered to be purchased.

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