Panasonic ES-RT51-S Electric Razor

As a man or woman, to provide its finest appearance, they better shave their hairs in the body because it provides them with better impression. Cleaner and tidier impression will surely make everyone respect them well so they will have more self-esteem. To look that good, you also need a good tool and a good tool which I suggest here is the Panasonic ES-RT51-S. This is a quite reliable razor because it is made with many features which provide you with simple ways of shaving. Now, I will describe it thoroughly so you will get the best result.

Powerful Motor

Panasonic ES-RT51-S Electric Razor ReviewWhen we talk about good electric shaver, I will mention its best feature by getting the best motor too. Here, the motor of the shaver is quite reliable because its speeds come in the 10,000 rpms. This power will make any cut get easy. Thickest beard will be shaved completely at ease because the spin will work line a slitting blade which moves in an incredible speed. The performance will last for a long time too so you do not have to worry about the battery because it will keep its finest state of speed to its last drop of charge.

The motor also comes with easy handle in its operation. Here, you will be able to provide nice result too as you will get a wonderful shaving. There are three types of cutting system which are provided for you. Those are fast, smooth, and close shave. The fast can be used for cutting in random when you need to clear the view of the place where the hairs grow. Once you have had your better look, you can continue with smooth cutting for providing a detailed shaving like creating a sideburn or making a fine shape of mustache.

Sharpest Blades

The blades are super powerful here. The blades have been designed with really nice material here. The stainless steel is forged from a fine combination of pure steel. This pure steel provides high durability so that you will not witness a crack or break in your blade. Heavy crush will not let the blade show its flaws. This blade is quite sharp and this sharpness will let you have a long way for making a great shaving. The effortless shaving is acquired greatly from the combination of sharpness and the motor of the Panasonic ES-RT51-S.

The stainless steel does not just provide nice sharpness. Here, the stainless steel is actually resistant to rust which makes this ES-RT51-S totally washable. You can rinse it with water once you have used it directly and the water will not make the blades grow dull. This is the ultimate use of this razor as you will have a hygiene razor too when it is protected with perfect cleanness once you can rinse it with detergent for killing bacteria too. Once you have rinse it, you can return it to the hygienic place which you have prepared for your shaver.

30 Degree Angle of Blades

Panasonic ES-RT51-S ElectricTo make a safe shaving, the blades have been placed in the most convenient way. Where many blades are blades in too flat position, here, this shaver is designed in the 30 degree angle of blades. This angle is the most excellent angle which will maximize the effort of shaving. You will acquire a really convincing result here as it aims at cutting the hairs to its root. The angle is the angle which will not cut the skin easily too because such angle will react aggressively in creating a path of cutting hair instead of cutting the skin. The safest model is often designed in this angle for shaver.

Pivoting Head

Most of the old shaver will come with stiff head and here, the innovation of more comfortable shaving comes with the pivoting head in this ES-RT51-S Panasonic. The pivoting head is great because it lets you follow the shape of the body in the curves and other bending shapes. It follows the body’s contour well to make a better and efficient way of cutting. You can reach the part which is hard to be reached here and you surely get better comfort here. The pivoting head can be cancelled too when you do not like to use it or you need to shave in simple way.

Pop-up Trimmer

Introducing a new feature here, the innovation which is given in this shaver is the pop-up trimmer. When most electric shaver will come with plain shaver in a row, you get a part of blades which can pop-up. This pop-up design is not for show because it will make you have enhanced actions like making a soft shave for bolding a line or creating a sideburn. With isolated blade with wider range of shaving, you can make an art or other nice lining in your shaving. The pop-up trimmer also allows you a tidy appearance in the shaving.

Wet and Dry Shaving

Panasonic ES-RT51-S Electric Razor SpecsFrom the design which comes in the head, this shaver is blessed with the feature of dual shaving. The dual shaving is the wet shaving and dry shaving. Wet shaving can be done with the help of cream to make your hair get smooth and soft so it can be cut easily. The dry shaving can be done without the help of the cream so you can do it directly. Both are safe ways but it is preferable for you to use the wet shaving as it feels more comfortable and will also clean some dirt in the area where you shave you hairs.

Nice Performance

As what has been mentioned before, it keeps its peak performance to the last drop of its charge. Here, you are not able to use the shaver when it is charged but the best part of Panasonic ES-RT51-S feature when it is charged is its rapid charging. Charging will not take a long time so that you may use the shaver as quickly as possible. You will surely feel grateful with this feature. The battery is made from fine lithium too for enhancing a long and durable result here.

Now, with the whole features which ensure an ease and comfortable shaving, the Panasonic ES-RT51-S will surely fulfill your desire of ease. You just need to keep it and use it regularly so that the motor will not be dulled easily. You also need to keep it in a dry place so that the system will not be disturbed by dew because it is still an electrical component which can get an error when it gets wet although it comes with waterproof design.

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