Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5 Electric Razor for Men

Shaving with comfort and ease is something which you surely need. Shaving commonly is done in the starting day when you have to prepare a good mood and when you get handsome look quickly, you will surely feel much better with it. Here, when you want to get such wonderful occasion, you should be wise in your choice of razor and now, what I am about to tell you is the best razor with many benefits and this razor is the Panasonic ES-LV81-K. This is an electric razor which has been designed with many innovations and, here, I will explain its greatness to you.

Versatile Design

Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5 Electric Razor for Men ReviewWhen you have bought this marvelous tool, the first benefit which you will get is its wonderful design. Here, the design of the ES-LV81-K comes with a great comfort and handiness which will ease your way in using it. First, the grip is quite fit to the hand as it has been carved with a great cavity for acquiring the best grip. Here, the handle is also created with a nice cushion for hand for enhancing more comfortable holding with the pressure which you usually apply in the razor itself. You will surely feel glad with its design.

The material of the design is forged from excellent plastic and rubber for cushion. Those materials are the best among the rest which enhance a better durability. It is resistant to high temperature and will not break easily when it has a hard clash when it falls or thrown. The head is also wide enough that it will increase the range of reach from the shaving process itself. The wider range will surely make you have faster yet tidy shaving in your hand. Being handsome has never been this comfy before.

Multi Flex Pivot Head

Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5 Electric Razor for Men SpecsFor the comfortable and easy shaving, the shaver is designed with the innovation of multi flex pivot head which aims at providing a flexible head in pivoting. Here, the head can turn its position according to the contour of the place where it is shaved and it enables a better comfort. Some people even feels gladder as the pivoting makes them be able to reach the place which is hard to be reach with common shaver where it comes with stiff head. When you want a stiff head, you are also able to do so with the key in the head.

Reliable Sharp Blades

When it comes to great shaver, the blades which provide fast cutting are the one which are wanted by many. Here, the Panasonic ES-LV81-Kis surely cut from a fine tree. The high quality of blade is designed with a stainless steel which comes with a sharp and hard material. This material is pure stainless steel that it will not rust easily so you can rinse it with water directly. Common shaver will not allow you to rinse the blades as the blades will start to rust and get brittle. We should know such thing for sure.

The next advantage of the blade is the 30 degree angles blade cut which provide a nice shaving process. This angle is the angle which ensures safety and sharpness from your shaving. This will do much moreover when you are in rush and you need to shave quickly. You will have a really small chance of accident in slitting your skin as it is comfortable and the hair will be shaven into its root so there will be no sign of hair in your face. Your face will look much brighter and younger once you have shaven yourself with this stuff.

In catching the hairs for cutting and removing the hairs from the shaver, first, the Lift-tech foil system is invented here. This is a system which lets your tool remove the debris of shaving directly so that the shaven hair will not get into the way of shaving other parts. This is a good feature as it will keep the sharpness at its finest level. This system also provides you with enough space between each blade so that the hair will not stack in the crack between the blades. The cleaning technology of this ES-LV81-K Panasonic is really reliable and fine for use.

The effortless shaving is surely provided and for getting this benefit, thanks to the multi-fit arc blades. The sharp blades are made from five blades which are designed with different place and design which is used for following the contour of your face. Here, every blade will work according to each reach when the shaver is used in the chin, face, neck, and other parts where commonly, it is made of many curves for difficult reaching. This also provides a high safety with effortless shaving energy.

The multi fit arc blades also enable you to have many great varieties here. First, you will get dry shaving program where you do not have to provide cream to shave. This process is way simpler and easier to be done so that you do not have to go to the bathroom. You also are able to use your cream for shaving and it does provide much comfortable feeling. Both of the methods are safe and the comfort and how you like it will depend on your own impression to your sense.

Versatile Motor

Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5 Electric RazorAs what has been mentioned above, this is an electric razor so you will get a motor in the Panasonic ES-LV81-K feature. Here, the motor is designed with a motor coded rapid fire which provide 14000 cycles per minutes. This scale of speed will surely provide with initial speedy cut which will shave your hairs once it touches the blade. You do not have to push or making some pressure as the cycle speed will let you do that. The motor also provides peak performance at all the time even when the battery is about to die. The power will remain and once the charge is empty, it will shut off directly so you will not witness any reducing speed in its spin.

As you can see, the Panasonic ES-LV81-K comes with various advantages. With such advantages, your shaving experience will grow better for sure. I also urge that you need to provide a good saving methods for securing the electric system in the shaving. You better keep the shaver away from wet and humid place for longer durability. This is a really nice tool for sure and once you have tested it, you will surely feel the best result and you will never want to change to other products for sure. This should be your choice for now and then.

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