Panasonic ES-LA63-S Electric Shaver

If you are looking for a fine shaver in your daily life, you surely need to get the Panasonic ES-LA63-S. This is the product which has been mentioned by many shaver customers today as its innovation which provides greater and better experience of shaving. A lot of features which increase the eases in shaving are given here and now, I will be here for delivering the greatness which you will experience when you have this shaving tool. Now, in the first time, let us start with the design of this electric shaver itself.

The Design of Panasonic ES-LA63-S

Panasonic ES-LA63-S Electric Shaver SpecsIn the design of the shaver, the maximum design is enhanced for acquiring the comfort in shaving. Here, first, the weight is really light as its weight is only 1.5 pounds. It will not give your hand a worthy burden so you can use it as long as you like. Then, you will also be provided with the great fit to grip design where the thumb and other finger pressures are carved with cavities for acquiring more efficient and stronger grips. The grips will also be cushioned with soft material for reducing the pressure which is borne by your fingers.

Powerful Shaving System

For the next greatness, I will talk about the function of this Panasonic shaver. In the first place, the shaver is enhanced with the Arc4 Shaving system. This is a system which can provide maximum shaving action. Here, the shaving system is acquired by the micro-thin blade is designed for capturing the debris resulted from the shaving process where the cutting will be left by the 4 blades with high sharpness. This will eradicated the hair till the last points of the hair so the one who have been cut will feel a cooler condition in their hair.

The risk of slitting your skin is reduced highly with this shaver too because the multi-fit arc blades are here. This is he feature where the blade is placed in the curved design so it will pass over your skin in smooth way without the fear of slitting or peeling the skin. It moves freely and softly through your skin and leaving no debris of hair. The hair is cut well and will fall easily to the ground so you do not have to blow the shaver. Blowing shaver is often considered as a bad act as we transfer water which can weaken the sharpness of the blades. _ best electric shaver

Pivoting Head

When you often deal with stiff and static design, this Panasonic ES-LA63-S will give you even more flexible usage. Here, the reach of this shaver is far beyond the stiff design where the head will follow the contour of the head structure itself. It maximizes the reach of every curve in the body so that you do not have to reposition your hand when you are shaving. With this feature, every detail in the shaving will be created smoothly so it will not make you have a disturbing appearance in your face.

Super Reliable Blade

Panasonic ES-LA63-SThe blade of this shaver is wonderful and reliable. First, it is made from the stainless steel, hypoallergenic blades, and fools which will surely provide comfortable with no irritating effect even when you have a sensitive skin. This stainless steel is also hard and solid with a minimal thickness in its blade making a really easy and effortless cutting to any hair in your body. From the long one to the short one, the hair will be wiped in one move so you will not have to spend more time having a bad condition here.

Powerful Motor

This ES-LA63-S Panasonic is an electric shaver so there will surely be a shaving motor. Here, the shaving motor will provide you with the effortless shaving too. The speed of the motor will create a smooth cut which is soft and comfortable. Some cut will leave a rough surface because of bad shape of cut hairs but here, the motor provides excellent power to clear the hair without leaving any disturbing design. If you don’t believe, according to physical measurement, the speed can reach up to 14,000 cycles per minute. It works 1.5 times faster compared to common shaver which we can find in the shop.

Various Choices of Performance

The comfort and ease of shaving should be maintained till the end of shaving and this shaver is designed for such thing. Here, the performance is kept to its strongest performance till the end of the battery so that you will not experience any weakening process till the battery drops. Here, the performance is supported with four batteries which will provide you with a long shaving activity too. You can bring it anywhere wherever you want so when you feel like shaving, you can take it directly and shave yourself as you like it.

Wet and Dry

Panasonic ES-LA63-S Electric Shaver ReviewYou usually have two ways in shaving whether you will shave it directly or use some cream in shaving. Actually, using cream will make you have easier way of shaving but when time is rough and you get a little time, it is time for you to do it raw. You do not have to be afraid as the raw shaving is also well when it comes to shaving hairs. Here, when you deal with long hair in shaving, you will also provide the slit foil for total coverage where it will hold the hairs from spreading around the place so it will keep clean.

When you buy this stuff, you surely want to know what you will get. Here, the sets which are sold include the shaver itself, AC recharger, and travel pouch which will be used for carrying foods. Those three stuffs can be added with more features too so that the foods will be more recommended. For the purchase itself, you will get even more wonderful around ES-LA63-S Panasonic and you can check it by yourself

Those are the choices which are given for you when you want to have to choose the best shaver. The Panasonic ES-LA63-S is proven to be great and has been designed with excellent features. The features are made to be varied with enhancing ability for easing the process of shaving. It makes shaving faster, more efficient, and safer so that you will get less risk of wound from shaving. You also get better state too here moreover when you put the right setting in the shaver. The comfort in shaving from the design is also enhanced for acquiring better satisfaction. This body shaver is more than what you want when it comes to the comfort and quality.

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