Panasonic ES8103S Cheap Electric Shaver

For men, shaving becomes one of the daily activities. Shaving purposes to make your mustache and beard look tidier. So, if you like shaving regularly, you have to make sure that you use the best quality shaver. One of the best products comes from Panasonic named Panasonic ES8103S. This is an electric shaver that offers high quality. That is why it’s recommended for men. Before you buy this electric shaver, it will be better for you to know its review. That is what we will discuss in this article.

What Is in the Package?

Panasonic ES8103S Cheap Electric Shaver
If you buy this electric shaver, you will get a package in the box. The package includes some things. The first is of course this ES8103 Arc 3 Wet / Dry electric shaver itself. Besides this electric shaver, the package also includes the travel pouch. This functions to ease you to store it. You can also easily bring this electric shaver to anywhere easily using this travel pouch. Lastly, AC adapter is also included in the box package. This AC adapter functions to recharge the battery because this electric shaver can be powered by the electric directly or by the battery.

The Designs of Panasonic ES8103S

Panasonic ES8103S Electric Shaver
Starts from the design, this electric shaver comes with pivoting head. This shaver head is flexible so that it can adjust your facial contour when you use it for shaving. It is able to move side to side & up to down. This flexibility can optimize the result of shaving. The flexible shaver head movements also prevent the uncomfortable shaving. In addition, it makes you able to shave your mustache and beard fast. So, the design of this electric shaver is very satisfying especially for the head.

For the dimensions, it is designed in 10.2 inches x 4 inches x 5 inches. So, the size is ideal for everyone. With these dimensions, it weighs about 6 pounds. Still related to the design, it looks cute. The small size makes you easy to bring and use it anywhere. It also has simple design so that everyone can use it easily. Overall, the design has an important role to attract the buyers.

The Benefits of Panasonic ES8103

Benefits of Panasonic ES8103There are some benefits offered by this electric shaver. That is why it can be a good idea for men for shaving. One of the benefits of this electric shaver is that it is 100 percent washable. It means you can wash it safely after you use it for shaving. Usually, you apply shaving foam and there is much hair from your mustache and beard left on the blades. Because it is washable, you can easily clean it up by washing it using running water. It will not reduce the quality and sharpness of the blades so that your electric shaver will be ready when you want to use it later.

Besides that, it also offers illuminated LCD display. This LCD display shows that the display has high quality. This display has many functions to show some indicators. The first is that you can see the battery remaining. The battery has ten-stage meter so that you can recharge it soon when the battery is almost empty. Besides showing the battery indicator, it also shows the cleaning reminder. So, you will be reminded to always clean it up after you use it. Then, you can also see the sonic vibration of cleaning mode. Anyway, the LCD display becomes one of the best benefits of Panasonic ES8103S.

The Techs and Features of Panasonic ES8103

Techs and Features of Panasonic ES8103This electric shaver applies various high technologies and sophisticated features. The first is that it applies 300 degrees of stainless nanotech blades. This is very useful to cut hair of your mustache and beard at its base so that it results the great precision. Besides that, the blades used by this electric shaver are hypoallergenic. Therefore, you do not need to worry to shave using it because it is safe even more you have a sensitive skin. It can prevent irritation and provide the best result of shaving for men.

The techs and features also affect the performance. This electric shaver can provide great performance for shaving because it is powered by a powerful motor drive. The motor drive is able to provide up to 13,000 cycles a minute. This is very fast so that it can optimize the shaving result. Even more, it is also able to shave your mustache and beards closer so that you look tidier in shaving. This performance also makes it eliminate irritation, tugging, and pulling. Overall, the performance is satisfying so that shaving hair using this electric shaver is recommended so much.

Why is this electric shaver able to provide the best result of shaving? You need to thank to its blades applied on this shaver. This shaver comes with multi fit arch blades. There are three sharp floating blades used on this electric shaver that can adjust your facial contours. So, these blades will not damage your skin. These blades will be able to cut your hair of mustache and beards effectively and closely. You cannot only use it for your face but also your neck and chin. The smooth shaving makes you comfortable using it.

The net feature applied on this ES8103 electric shaver is pop-up trimmer. This feature is very useful for grooming your hair of mustache, sideburns, and beards. It is very simple and easy to operate. You just need to pop up when you are ready to use it and tuck it away after you are finished with your shaving. Anyway, this feature is very useful for shaving.

For the use, this electric shaver is able and accepted to be used for either wet or dry shaving. If you want to shave fast, you can use it in dry shaving. On the other hand, you can also use it for wet shaving such as using a shaving foam, gel, or water. For any shaving you do, it can provide smooth shaving process and gives the best result. That is why Panasonic ES8103S is considered as one of the best electric shavers for men.

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