Top 4 Best Razor for Shaving Head

Do you want to be bald? There are men who look more handsome with no hairs on their heads, you know. Not to mention, by being bald, you don’t need to care for it as much as you do with other hairstyles. So, in order to get bald, you will need the best razor far shaving head to work with. Choosing without any clue would be bad, so it is best to look for some suggestion. Even so, you will still have to consider some things about the product before really buying it. Let’s see them here first.

The Price Tagged on It

Although what matters is the reliability of a product, you can’t really ignore the price at all. There is no need knowing product features if you can’t even buy it because it is way too pricey for you. Price is especially important to compare from one to another. Sometimes, you can get reliable features in quite affordable price if you do this. Furthermore, price is something budget-minded people would like to know. That is why we should put the price as one of most important concerns first of all.

The Features It Brings With

Once you are done with the price, it is the time for you to look for the information about the product features. This is one of the ways for you to know the reliability of the product. Compare what you get by paying the price in each shaver option you have. Every product must have come with various different features. Maybe, one product has all you need in its features compared than the others. If those features are all needed, it means that the product will be something reliable for you, right?

The Design It Comes With

After the features, the next thing you need to consider is definitely its design. It is not about whether the shaver looks cool or not. It is more about the specific design that contributes to the reliability of the product to shave your head. Every product might come with different design. However, as long as it is easy for you to work with and ensures that it can give the result you want, it should be the best electric shaver design to choose. Product dimensions and weight are nice to be learnt about as well.

Try to base your consideration on those three important things above when choosing one among all options of shaver. Now, let’s see 4 top razors for shaving head here.

Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart

Skull Shaver Bald Eagle SmartThe first top shaver here is the one currently priced under $150.00. For shaver, this price is actually pretty high. However, it is not a simple, small shaver that you get from it. This shaver sure looks promising, you see. You can be much sure about it once you know its features. Did you know? This one features large swirling shaver head. Not to mention, it has 5 rotary cutters on it. These features are actually meant to offer fast and close shave. What’s more? It is handier as an electric type.

The battery will be charged fully within 2 and half hours, while you can use it 90 minutes long in each full charge. You can use it for either dry or wet shave. See? Isn’t it really reliable? As for the design, this shaver is actually designed for face shaving. It has patented design in it that makes it possible for extra reach of back of head and body. Its dimensions are 7.7 inches x 6.7 inches x 3.3 inches with 1.3 pounds of weight. This really is the best razor far shaving head to choose. Well, you can say that you get what you deserve from the price too.

Wahl Professional Razor for Shaving Head

Wahl Professional Razor for Shaving HeadThe second shaver here is one with current price tag under $50.00. This is pretty affordable price compared to the first shaver above. However, it does not mean that it is cheap in its features. This one features clipper with surgical blades, you see. Because of that, it can offer full head balding. It shows its reliability starting from here. It is not only that. This shaver is made to be powerful in single cut. That is why it becomes possible to get nice result after shaving your head with this shaver here.

As for its speed, you must know that it runs twice the speed of clippers with pivot motor. Considering the price tagged on it, this is quite a great feat to get. Not to mention, it comes with other items as well, like black barber comb, 2 cutting guides, red blade guard, pre-shave brush, oil, and even operating instructions. Its design is small and simple, so it should be convenient. As for the dimensions, they are 1.8 inches x 1.8 inches x 5 inches with 9.6 ounces of weight. You definitely won’t argue about it being nice to work with.

TurnRaise Rechargeable 5-Headed Flex Electric Shaver

TurnRaise Rechargeable 5-Headed Flex Electric ShaverLet’s see how things go in the third top shaver here. Speaking about the price, it is the one currently priced under $70.00. It is a bit higher than the second shaver above. So, you can expect more things from it. Among the features, there is the so-called Intelligent Micro Power Chip that will do the job to ensure high RPM of the motor. Because of that, you will be able to get smooth shave even when the battery of the shaver is low. How about its charging time then? Well, you will need 5 hours for it.

It is full charging time you will need so that you can get as much as 50 minutes of continuous use time. Did you know? This shaver is also known for its Ultra Slim Shaver. Due to this design, this shaver will not pull your hair. It should be convenient to use. Moreover, it is rash free and also allergic free. This shaver might be small, but it has 5 heads on it. You truly get what you deserve for paying the price to buy it. So, you won’t make bad choice with it.

JTrim 3DFLEX Cordless Rotary Shavers Electric Razor

JTrim 3DFLEX Cordless Rotary Shavers Electric RazorThe last shaver here is another one worth to take into account. It is one currently priced under $50.00. Even with such affordable price range, this shaver really is great in its features. One thing for sure is that there are three floating razor heads in this shaver. These heads work to make it possible for them to get close to the contour of your skin surface. Because of that, this electric shaver works real effective to shave the hair of just any length. It can even shave hair in any growing conditions too.

This is really convenient to work with, right? This shaver is considered to be great in its comfortable closest and smoothest shave. Not to mention, it is waterproof, so you can use it for either wet or dry shave. You will need as much as 8 hours to charge the battery fully. For each full charge time, the use time offered is around 45 minutes. What’s more? This shaver comes with Sideburns Nose Hair Trimmer. Talking about reliability, you can expect so much about this product here. This best razor far shaving head might be small in its design, but it is very easy to work with.

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