8 Best Straight Razor Shavings Under $200

Best straight razor can really be called the best if it can meet your needs and expectations the most. Indeed, there are countless straight razors sold in the market. Finding the best one for you would require some time and effort. Remember, what’s best for others aren’t always the best for you. So, it is important to look for the best one on your own. Let’s see how to find the best razor here below.

Best Straight Razor Shavings
Consider the Price First of All

Making the price as your first concern is important when sorting out certain product, you see. It is because price is something significant to compare with the others. It is all the more important for budget-minded buyers. Sometimes, we can get some things with this price, but we can get more with that price. Thus, it is important to include the price in your consideration. Furthermore, there is no way you would be able to buy a product that you can’t even afford it yourself.

Check Out the Razor’s Quality

After the price, you need to check out the most important feature of the product. In straight razor case, it would be the quality of the razor itself. Why, of course, the razor is the one that is responsible to do the shaving after all. If it is not sharp, strong, and durable enough, you will find it disappointing. It won’t even be able to get the job done well. That is why it is important to make sure the quality of the razor. Only then, you can guess the reliability of the product.

Get to Know How the Handle Is

Once you are done checking the razor, you need to get to know the handle next. Well, the handle is something that you will grab while shaving with straight razor. If it is not comfortable or good enough, it can influence the shaving result as well. You might never get the job done properly and quickly. That is why the handle has to be that of the one with fine quality. You might think it as something trivial, but it actually plays quite a big role for the straight razor, you see.

Find Out the Product’s Weight

The last thing that you can be sure to find out is none other than the weight of the product. When shaving with straight razor, proper weight is needed. It should be neither too lightweight nor too heavy. Only then, the straight razor would feel comfortable for shaving. You can’t ignore that even comfort ability can influence the shaving result. However simple it might be, you must find it out. It is all for the sake of getting the best shaving experience with the best product you choose.

When sorting out straight razors, you need to make sure that you consider those 4 important things above. Now that we are done with them, let’s see the 8 straight razors under 200 that we want to recommend to you here.

A.P. Donovan 7/8” Cut Throat Straight Razor Set

A.P. Donovan Cut Throat Straight Razor SetWe have one from A.P. Donovan here. It comes as a complete set for shaving with straight razor. Yes, it sold with the price under 200 even as a set. So, in itself, it is pretty much complete product to buy. You get more than one item in one purchase after all. Let’s get down to the features it brings then. Right from the razor, it is one made of Japanese White Steel-Shiro Gami steel. This material is the one known as high quality alloy that receives the hardness of 63 Rockwell. Because of that, this product here has enormously sharp blade to offer to you.

It does determine the thoroughness of the shave. The razor is highly polished too to live up to customers’ needs and expectations. As for the handle, it is the one made of Mahogany wood that is used to form comfortable hand grips while shaving. It offers adequate weight for the steel of the razor, so this product sure is very much well balanced. It should be comfortable weight for shaving. Meanwhile, the total weight of this straight razor set is said to be around 2 pounds with items, like shaving brush, leather strap, and wood box beside the razor.

Dovo Straight Razor Carbon with Wood Handle

Dovo Straight Razor Carbon with Wood Handle
This one here does not come as a set even if it is tagged with the price under 200 too. However, you can be sure to expect more reliability from this straight razor alone. Not to mention, Dovo is pretty much well-known brand for such product in the market. So, there is no way this product would be cheap in its quality. Starting from the razor, it is made of carbon steel which is complimented to offer the sharpness needed for shaving. It is also designed to have fine edge, making the quality of the razor even better. You will never go wrong with Dovo razor.

As for the handle, this straight razor has the one made of wood. This should ensure you that the handle is strong and durable enough to grab while doing some shaving. Of course, it is designed to offer comfortable grips. It is obviously far better than getting plastic handle. This straight razor is also the one that is complimented to be quite lightweight. Why not? It is the one that weighs for around 2.1 ounces only after all. It should be the right weight to offer convenient shaving experience to you.

Boker Tree Brand 140509 Straight Razor Shaving

Boker Tree Brand 140509 Straight Razor ShavingThere is one straight razor from Boker here. This straight razor is also the one currently priced under 200, just like the other straight razors recommended in this review. Since it comes as sole straight razor not as a set, you must have expected so much about the razor itself. Well, there is no need to worry about that. If it is Boker that you choose, you can be sure to get high-quality straight razor for your shaving activity. You see, the blade you get from this product is that of the one made from the best Solingen razor steel. The blade is a non-stainless type.

Furthermore, it is known with it having high edge retention. Because of that, it becomes possible for this straight razor to offer perfect result on a daily basis. This one is also designed with brown canvas Micarta. This material is very popular due to its appealing brown look and rugged nature, making the handle to be real secure and comfortable to grab. Even when your hands are wet, the handle will still be so as well. As for the weight, this one weighs for 2.4 ounces. This is the average good weight that this straight razor can offer to you for your shaving needs.

Boker Elite 140614 Straight Razor for Shaving

Boker Elite 140614 Straight Razor for ShavingThere are various straight razors you can get from Boker. Even this one here is also tagged with the price under 200. Since it comes from the same manufacturer, you might find it similar with the others of its kind. However, it is still different product to offer. Even by being priced with the same price range, this straight razor here can offer you different features to consider. Starting from the blade itself, it has the one made of non-stainless carbon steel. Even if it is made of such material, the material chosen is the one that can offer superior edge retention.

It is still one of good materials for the blade of the straight razor. This way, you will be sure to get satisfying shaving experience even with this straight razor. As expected from Boker, it is sure to produce good-quality products for us. As for the handle, it is the one made of carbon fiber. It also has its scales milled with CNC technology. It is the technology that comes from solid billet of high tech carbon material for stability, comfort ability, and even functionality of the blade too. Weighing for around 1.6 ounces only, it is lightweight product to work with.

Dovo 6/8″ Pearl Acrylic “Bismarck” Straight Razor

Dovo Pearl Acrylic Bismarck Straight RazorWe have another from different manufacturer here. Just like the other straight razors we are talking about here, this Dovo one is also tagged with the price under 200. You see, Dovo is pretty much well known brand as well in straight razor. Let’s see what it has to offer to you here. Starting from the blade, it has the one made of carbon steel. As you know, this is the right material for straight razor to offer you with superior blade for shaving. Perfect result is sure to be obtained from this straight razor. The blade also features full hollow ground with laser etchings.

This straight razor is the type that has shoulderless round point blade. Speaking about its look, it has been dipped in gold color for nice appearance on it. As for its handle, it has one with acrylic, faux goat horn. Although it is made of acrylic, it still offers comfortable grip for shaving. You will still get the best shaving experience even with this straight razor. How about the weight then? It is said that this one weighs for around 0.8 ounces. It is not that often we can find straight razor this lightweight. Even so, it is still the right weight for convenience while shaving.

Dovo Straight Razor Blond 101 586 Folding Knife

Dovo Straight Razor Blond 101 586 Folding KnifeDovo sure has more than one reliable straight razor to offer to us. This one here is also straight razor under 200, of course. What do you think it has to offer to us? Of course, this straight razor doesn’t lose to other straight razors we have been talking about so far. Starting from the blade, this one is also the kind with its blade made of carbon steel. To be more exact, it is 5/8” half hollow ground blade with round point. This too, is sure to offer superior shaving experience, you see. Dovo sure is great in making its straight razor product to be this reliable.

How about the handle then? Of course, there is no way we ignore this part here. Let us tell you here that it has blond celluloid handle. Although celluloid is part of plastic types, it is not like this one is cheap in its handle. It still does offer nice thing to grab on while shaving. That is why this straight razor is good to consider. Speaking about its weight, it weighs for 2.4 ounces. It is rather heavy, but is the convenient weight to feel for shaving. Having it far too lightweight would not feel so good. So, this is the best weight you can get from this straight razor here.

Feather DX Straight Razor Shaving

Feather DX Straight Razor Shaving
There is one from Feather here. Priced under 200, this straight razor is pretty interesting to choose. Why, of course, it is because it has body design that is just different from the others. You see, this straight razor’s body is the one made of sus316 stainless steel. It is the material that is known to be resilient to chemicals and even rust. Thus, you can be sure that it has strong and durable body. Furthermore, its body is still even treated with finishing material. Because of that, both the razor head and the blade itself can glide in smooth way against your skin.

Feather straight razor sure is great when it comes to its body design. Of course, you can expect something different from its handle as well. You see, this straight razor here is actually the one that offers gum handle which is sure to offer convenient grip on it. What’s more? The handle has heat resistance up to 135 C/275 F. There seems to be no other straight razor yet that offers similar thing to it. So, this one is quite a feat to get. Speaking about the weight, it weighs around 4 ounces. It might be heavier, but you do get the one with great quality here.

Boker 140621 King Cutter Straight Razor

Boker 140621 King Cutter Straight RazorThe very straight razor here is the one from Boker. Just like the others, even this straight razor is currently tagged with the price under 200. Although the price can change from time to time, Boker has always been trying to offer products that are reasonable with its price. Of course, it includes this straight razor here. Let us tell you here that this non-stainless blade of this product is the one made from the best Solingen razor steel. Designed with traditional hollow grind, this straight razor is meant to offer excellent shaving results to you.

Even the blade also features historical etching, as expected from Boker. As for the handle, it has the one made of synthetic material added with moisture resistance. It even gets elegant white handle scales on to offer new look to you. Comfort ability and beauty are sure to be obtained from this straight razor from Boker here. How about its weight? It is said to weigh for around 2.4 ounces. Well, it is the standard weight for straight razor after all. So, it must be the right weight for you to feel great when shaving with this straight razor here.

There you go. Those are all the 8 straight razor from various manufacturers that might be the best for you to choose. Even coming from the same manufacturer, one straight razor is different to another. Each has their own special features. The 8 straight razors we are talking about here are all capable of offering great shaving experience. So, just choose for you the best straight razor shaving.

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